Kudos Time Again.

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Every day I receive calls from patients who believe they have been the victims of malpractice and who would like me to bring a case on their behalf.  Many times I agree that they have been the victim of malpractice but am not able to take the case for reasons I have discussed in prior blog posts.  Sometimes I accept the representation and bring suit because the patient has gotten poor care and was injured by it.  I see a lot of medical malpractice.  Because of my work, I often write about malpractice issues and structural problems in the business of medicine.  It is important, however, for me and for all of us to keep in mind the many dedicated medical professionals who try every day to keep us safe and well.  Their readiness to help, their professionalism and their excellent training were on vivid display in response to the tragic events of Sunday evening in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is not a large city.  It has only one Level I Trauma Center.  In fact that trauma center is the only Level I Trauma Center in the entire state of Nevada.  Arizona by contrast has 12 Level I Trauma Centers.  On Sunday night, Las Vegas was faced with a veritable tsunami of critically injured patients.  Over 500 patients needed care Sunday night, many of them in critical condition with ghastly wounds and in need of emergency surgery to save their lives.  Any city would be hard pressed to deal with such a crisis.  For a city its size and with its resources, it did an unbelievable job in saving lives and treating the injured.  To do the job it did required dedicated, well-trained personnel ready to respond at a moment’s notice and extensive advance planning by the health care community on how to respond to a mass disaster.  Without that planning and those dedicated medical professionals, a catastrophic situation would have been orders of magnitude worse.

For all its faults, and there are many, our medical system is made up of many caring professionals who stand ready to help us when we need them.  This is one of those times for us to especially recognize them and the entire health care community and say, “Thank you.” for a job well-done, for the many lives saved, for the many wounded who were healed and for the care and compassion with which you acted.

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