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Phoenix Medical Malpractice Lawyers for Victims of Misdiagnosed Appendicitis

Appendicitis can be a significant diagnostic challenge.  Patients don’t always perceive or report pain the same way.  Still, medical professionals are trained to recognize the signs of trouble and act accordingly.  Failure to do so can be medical malpractice.

We represent people who were injured or killed when doctors failed to recognize the presence of an inflamed appendix or failed to recognize the peritonitis (inflammation) that results from infected materials in the abdomen after the rupture of the appendix. This failure, in some cases, leads to sepsis and death.

Misdiagnosed Appendicitis Can Be Medical Malpractice

Many of our clients are the families of patients who were sent home because a doctor did not recognize an impending or actual rupture of the appendix.  Some were told that they had kidney stones waiting to be passed, indigestion, gall bladder issues or other medical issues when, in fact, the problem was appendicitis.

Pain subsides after a burst appendix, but this does not mean that the trouble is over.  Quite the opposite.  When an appendix bursts, the body’s internal organs are exposed to infected materials.  This can lead to sepsis and death, so immediate medical attention is critical.


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