Hospitals Get Your Blood Pumping Faster

The American Heart Association reports in its journal Circulation that United States hospitals are opening the clogged arteries of almost all of the 250,000 major heart attack patients they treat annually within the recommended 90 minutes of arrival.  This is a significant improvement over just 5 years ago when less than half of the patients were treated that quickly.  In fact, the median  time to treatment decreased from 96 minutes in 2005 down to just 64 minutes last year.  The reason cited for the dramatic change was nearly as staggering as the improvement itself.  The study concluded that government and private groups led research on how to shorten treatment times and then encouraged hospitals to enact procedures designed to speed up treatment as the right thing to do.  The hospitals obviously listened   Doing the right thing also will almost certainly improve outcomes for heart attack victims and result in a corresponding reduction in a leading source of malpractice claims.

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