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Recognizing a Heart Attack

One of the cases we see over and over again is that of a patient, usually a man, who presents to the emergency department or to an urgent care facility with what turns out to be a myocardial infarction (“MI”) … Read More

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It’s The Money, Stupid.

I recently wrote about the loopholes in the FDA’s medical device approval process and how very few medical devices are subjected to rigorous scrutiny before being approved for use in patients.  Here is another example of the price we pay, … Read More

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Guess What Is The Biggest Problem in Health Care Today? It’s You.

There was a great essay in the Wall Street Journal recently that highlighted a big problem in health care.  In spite of the many advances in detecting and treating illnesses, patients just don’t want to change their lifestyles and that … Read More

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What Are We Paying For?

Researchers have developed a new tool for assessing the effectiveness of a health care system and we in the United States aren’t doing so well.  The concept is called “amenable mortality.”  It identifies medical conditions which cause death but which, … Read More

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Low-Dose Aspirin Not Always Good for You

If you are a male over 40 years old, your doctor may have told you it’s a good idea to take low-dose aspirin once a day to prevent heart attack and stroke.  After all, that’s been the conventional wisdom for … Read More

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Hospitals – Ask Before You Go.

I have written often about the importance of being an informed consumer of medical treatment.  As we become more connected, more and more information becomes available to consumers to identify doctors with questionable histories and hospitals with less than stellar … Read More

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Pearly Whites Good for the Heart

My partner and I have often commented about the reasons medical malpractice often results from the failure to timely diagnose stroke and heart attack.  Both are leading causes of mortality worldwide.  A lot of medical research has been done about these problems, most of which strongly suggests … Read More

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Give Your Butt a Rest to Live a Longer Life

The American Cancer Society has recently announced that prolonged sitting increases the risk of death from all causes, especially in women – even in those who exercise.  Heart disease is the main culprit.  In women, the risk of cancer also was … Read More

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Hospitals Get Your Blood Pumping Faster

The American Heart Association reports in its journal Circulation that United States hospitals are opening the clogged arteries of almost all of the 250,000 major heart attack patients they treat annually within the recommended 90 minutes of arrival.  This is a significant improvement … Read More

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