Give Your Butt a Rest to Live a Longer Life

The American Cancer Society has recently announced that prolonged sitting increases the risk of death from all causes, especially in women – even in those who exercise.  Heart disease is the main culprit.  In women, the risk of cancer also was 30% greater in the group of those who sat the most compared with those who sat the least.  Wow!  When lack of exercise was factored in, women had a whopping 94% greater risk of death and men 48%, when compared to those who sat very little and exercised more.  Whether the effects of sitting for long periods of time can be reversed, like the effects of smoking can be by quitting, has still not been explored.

Moving around with regularity (once an hour), even if for very short periods, appears to be one good way to reduce these risks by preventing metabolic changes that occur with reduced activity.  So get off your butt and encourage a friend to do the same.

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