Low-Dose Aspirin Not Always Good for You

If you are a male over 40 years old, your doctor may have told you it’s a good idea to take low-dose aspirin once a day to prevent heart attack and stroke.  After all, that’s been the conventional wisdom for many years, surely to the delight of makers/marketers of aspirin. Well, turns out that the FDA says if you are healthy, low-dose aspirin may do more harm than good and cautions against the use of dose aspirin by those who have no history of or high risk factors for heart attack or stroke.   You can read about it here FDA Aspirin and here FDA Low-Dose Apsirin.

The FDA recommendations were prompted by a request from Bayer which sought to include the recommendation that low does aspirin be used prophylactically for the prevention of cardiovascular disease.  Bad move.  Not only did the FDA reject the request, its review of medical studies revealed that the risk of stomach and brain bleeding outweighed minimal benefits of such therapy.  Even diabetics and those with peripheral vascular disease did not benefit from aspirin unless they already had a stroke.

This surprising revelation parallels what science has been learning about multivitamins. Like low dose aspirin, they may actually be bad for you if you are healthy and eat a healthy diet.  Check it out.  Multivitamins.

I stopped taking daily multivitamins a few years ago and now I suppose I’ll be turning away from daily low dose aspirin as well.  If only the research showed that deep fried foods cure cancer rather than cause atherosclerosis.

So, like the drug commercials say – as with any medication, talk to you doctor before taking low-dose aspirin for the prevention of stroke and heart attack.



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