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Be On The Lookout For Ticks: They Are Dangerous

As our climate changes, biological threats that were never a concern may become very concerning in your area.  One example is the occurrence of multiple cases of malaria spread by certain mosquitos in Florida, Texas and Maryland.  The disease, which … Read More

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The Many Faces of a Heart Attack

Many times a year we see a case in which someone has a heart attack (known medically as a myocardial infarction), seeks medical attention, and dies when they should not have.  We also know that there are many, many more … Read More

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Medical Debt Is Coming To A Household Near You

Medical debt is coming to a household near you, unless you are well-off.  If you are among the poorer Americans, the chances are high that you are carrying medical debt and that at least some of it is past due. … Read More

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Hard To Believe But Insurance Company Policies Hurt Patients

I get it.  Insurance companies are in business to make money.  I don’t begrudge them a reasonable profit.  However, as evidenced by their behavior over the years, they can’t seem to operate without taking advantage of patients and patients are … Read More

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Do I Really Need That Surgery?

Many patients have wondered what to do when the surgeon tells them they need surgery.  One thing you should not do is just say, “OK” without first asking some questions. Of course, not all surgeries are the same.  Some are … Read More

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Bacterial Infection: A Relentless Killer.

They are all around us.  The bacteria that cause infections are all around us.  They live on our skin, in our guts, on the food we eat, on the surfaces we touch, and in our mouths.  They float on the … Read More

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Want To Live Longer and Healthier? Think Positive.

My mother lived until just before what would have been her 96th birthday.  She had a great attitude about life.  She kept busy gardening and volunteering as long as she could.  When old friends passed on, she made new, younger … Read More

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Another Volley In The Alcohol Is Good/Bad For You War.

There is an old adage, often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, that beer is proof God loves us and want us to be happy.  To the extent that old Ben offered an opinion on this issue, he was probably talking about … Read More

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Fee For Service Isn’t Working.

Every year it is the same old story.  Americans pay more per person for health care than any other developed country in the world and yet our health care outcomes don’t measure up to the other countries.  We spend twice … Read More

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Blood Clots Are On The Rise.

In so many ways our bodies are wondrous machines that work nearly flawlessly for decades before they finally wear out or something goes wrong.  Over millions of years, the process of evolution tried out various strategies and discarded the ones … Read More

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