The Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic.

America, we are letting ourselves go and it is costing us.  It is costing us in terms of rising health care costs, loss of quality of life and shortening of life expectancy itself.  We are getting fat and flabby.  We are smoking less, thank goodness, but eating more and eating the wrong foods to boot.  All this is causing a huge rise in obesity, even among children.  With obesity comes Type 2 diabetes.  It is a bad customer and we should all do what we can to avoid it.  This is a self-inflicted injury, if there ever was one.

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Diabetes refers to a condition in which the body is not able to effectively utilize the glucose that our cells require for energy.  We eat food, which our bodies properly convert to glucose and deliver to the bloodstream.  When things are going as they should, our bodies also produce insulin, which allows the cells to take the circulating glucose and turn it into energy.  The more glucose the body produces in response to food or other things, the more insulin is produced to keep the blood glucose levels from rising too much.  It is a finely balanced system in which many bodily organs play a part in keeping blood sugars in a narrow range.  Insulin is the key to this system.

Unlike Type 1 diabetes, which is an autoimmune disease in which the body destroys the cells that make insulin, the bodies of Type 2 diabetics still make insulin.  They may not make as much insulin as before, but they make it nonetheless.  Even when they do make insulin, however, their bodies may develop a resistance to it, so they need more.  The bottom line for Type 2 diabetics is that the finely balanced system is out of balance and the amount of sugar in their blood goes up as a result.

High blood sugars don’t usually cause any immediate problems, so long as they don’t get crazy high.  They do cause long-term damage to the body, however.  One of the biggest effects is that they create inflammation in the blood vessels, which causes them to narrow so that oxygen rich blood does not flow through them as well as before.  This is a big problem with the small, but critically important vessels, in the eyes, kidneys and heart.  It also interferes with blood flow to the lower extrmities resulting in ulcers, nerve damage and sometimes even amputation.

Not all Type 2 diabetics have the same degree of the disease.  Some are able to control their blood sugars through diet or exercise.  Some need only a little help through one of a number of medications that treat Type 2 diabetes.  Some need regular insulin and need to check their blood sugars multiple times a day.

Don’t be one of these people.  Unlike Type 1 diabetes, for which there is no known cause and no way to prevent it from occurring, Type 2 diabetes can be avoided or at least delayed by living a healthy lifestyle.  Keep your weight down.  That means a responsible diet and moderate exercise.  Do these things and your body will reward you with better health and maybe even a longer lifespan.  It’s up to you.

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