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Defensive Medicine Hurts Patients in Many Ways

Defensive medicine is the name given to actions taken by doctors, not for the primary benefit of their patients, but to reduce the chance they will be sued for medical malpractice.  It is unethical and almost always detrimental to the … Read More

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Doctor Ethics

Doctors win 85% to 90% of all medical malpractice trials in Arizona.  The same figures apply pretty much across the United States.  Doctors win cases even when there is strong evidence of negligence on their part.  The most likely reason … Read More

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Consolidation Threatens Doctor Independence.

If you are not concerned about consolidation in the delivery of medical services, you should be.  We like to think of the medical profession as individual providers who care about us and also care for us.  We like to think … Read More

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Some Really Good News About Prostate Cancer

One in nine men will develop prostate cancer during their lifetimes.  Most will die of something else.  Fewer than 20% will develop the aggressive form of the cancer which is most likely to spread and to kill the patient.  Until … Read More

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Just Because A Doctor Says It . . .

There is a saying no patient should ever forget, “Just because a doctor says it, doesn’t make it true.”  As I have often remarked before, medicine is a business, and a big one at that, and we are its customers.  … Read More

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Another Large Malpractice Verdict

Recently a Baltimore jury awarded just over $229 million in a case involving a birth injury.  If that is all you know, you can fill in a lot of the other blanks automatically.  You will know that, as in the … Read More

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2018 Malpractice Payments

The National Practitioner Data Bank (“NPDB”) was established by Congress in 1986 to be a repository of information about malpractice payments and matters affecting the privileges and licensing of physicians and other health care professionals.  All malpractice payments made on … Read More

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Generic Drug Betrayal

The promise of generic drugs is enticing:  quality replacements for name-brand drugs at a fraction of the price.  Regardless of whether that promise was ever anything more than an illusion, it is a proven lie today. I read two recent … Read More

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When Will Congress Protect The American People?

If you needed any further proof of the corrosive effect of unlimited corporate money in politics, look no further than the scandalous profits being made by the big drug companies.  Drug companies are rolling in profits.  They make these profits … Read More

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How the U.S. Health System Puts Diabetics in Danger

“How the U.S. health-care system puts people with diabetes in danger” is the title of an article which appeared today in the Washington Post.  The author is an ICU physician who sees and treats diabetics when they become critically ill … Read More

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