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Genomic Testing in Prostate Cancer

There were approximately 165,000 new prostate cancers diagnosed last year in the United States.  During the same time period, there were 29,000 deaths from prostate cancer.  The deaths were almost entirely due to highly aggressive forms of the disease.  Most … Read More

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The Algorithms Are Coming

The Stanford University School of Medicine and Google have teamed up to improve medical care.  At least in part this is the result of the belief of the dean of the school that the greatest innovations in medicine going forward … Read More

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Some Doctors Just Don’t Get It

Science marches on.  Every day there are announcements of advances in areas which impact health care.  Advances are made in genetics and DNA testing.  Computers are being programmed to do more and more.  New medicines are being developed.  New applications … Read More

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Genetic Tests – The Future of Medicine and Malpractice?

Wouldn’t you know, the day after I post an entry about the marvels of genetic testing, Angelina Jolie puts an exclamation point on my point! By now, I am sure you have heard that the actress has joined an ever … Read More

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