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Another Large Malpractice Verdict – Part II

Last week I wrote about what was the largest medical malpractice verdict in Maryland history.  A young girl, now almost 5, was born prematurely with profound brain injuries as the result of a delay in delivery.  Her attorneys argued that … Read More

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Another Large Malpractice Verdict

Recently a Baltimore jury awarded just over $229 million in a case involving a birth injury.  If that is all you know, you can fill in a lot of the other blanks automatically.  You will know that, as in the … Read More

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Birth Injuries

In many ways, there is no more heartbreaking injury than a birth injury in what had been a low-risk, completely normal pregnancy.  For nine months the expectant mother had been carrying new life and nourishing it inside her body.  The … Read More

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More Doctors Behaving Badly

As I have often said, most doctors are caring professionals who would not dream of being disrespectful to their patients.  On the other hand, doctors are human and there are regular incidents of doctors behaving badly.  Sometimes their actions are … Read More

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C-sections on the Rise Despite Risks

Cesarean sections seem to be getting a fair amount of press lately.  Many believe that an uncomplicated vaginal delivery is the safest way to give birth, but the relative safety of vaginal versus Cesarean deliveries has never been directly address in a study where women are … Read More

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