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Hospital Consolidation Is Driving Up Health Care Costs.

Last week I wrote about hospitals not knowing exactly what their costs were for various procedures.  Without that information, they cannot make informed decisions about pricing.  Without informed decisions about pricing, there can be no price competition.  There also can … Read More

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The Fee for Service Compensation Method: Bad for Doctors, Bad for Patients

The prevailing method for compensating health care providers in this country is the “Fee for Service” model.  A doctor doesn’t get paid unless he or she does something to or for you.  Keeping you well does not count.  As a … Read More

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The Rising Costs of Medical Care

I came across an interesting post in the New York Times recently.  A mother was recounting her experiences with her daughter who had sprained an ankle at dance camp.  The pediatrician said it would get better over time.  When the ankle didn’t get … Read More

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Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Not Causing Doctor Shortage in Arizona

There is a shortage of doctors in Arizona and it’s getting worse. You’ve probably heard stories about doctors being driven out of practice by the the high cost of malpractice insurance and how this is causing doctors to leave the … Read More

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Like It Or Not, Rationing Is Coming

Many of my friends object from time to time about various health care or Medicare reform plans on the grounds that they would involve rationing of health care.  I respond that every plan for health care or Medicare reform which is serious … Read More

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