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Physician Conflicts of Interest

Physicians occupy a special place in our society.  They are respected and honored.  They are often well-compensated for their efforts.  We trust our doctors.  Very few patients ever think that the doctor who is recommending surgery or a particular treatment … Read More

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Hip Replacements.

One consequence of our lengthening life spans is that we are wearing out our original equipment.  Our knees and hips were not intended to last 60 or 70 years.  They certainly weren’t intended to support the heavy bodies so many … Read More

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You Are Being Operated On, Do You Know Where Your Surgeon Is?

A recent story about a Syracuse, New York orthopedic surgeon casts light on a practice that will likely come as a shock to most patients.  The surgeon is accused of botching a hip replacement in which his patient allegedly suffered … Read More

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Pulmonary Embolism and Medical Malpractice

Pulmonary embolism is a medical condition in which blood clots form in the return, or venous, circulation and are passed by the heart into the lungs where they interfere with oxygen exchange.  The larger the clot or the greater the … Read More

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Medical Devices Continue To Harm Patients

Medical devices cause a lot of harm to patients.  I have written about the problems with power morcellators that spread cancer and with endoscopes, which were designed in such a way that they could not be properly cleaned and as a result … Read More

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Hospitals – Ask Before You Go.

I have written often about the importance of being an informed consumer of medical treatment.  As we become more connected, more and more information becomes available to consumers to identify doctors with questionable histories and hospitals with less than stellar … Read More

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Informed Consent Necessary for Metal Hips to Avoid Medical Malpractice Claims

A physician must obtain the informed consent of a patient before beginning any procedure, carefully explaining the risks and benefits, and ultimately allowing the patient to decide what to do.  In order to provide the information necessary to obtain informed … Read More

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