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The Problem With Drug Prices.

There was a good story in the Washington Post earlier this week discussing some of the reasons for our high drug prices.  So why are prices so high?  Why doesn’t our vaunted free market system drive them lower through competition?  While … Read More

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Power Morcellators Revisited

I have written in the past about power morcellators and the harm they have caused patients.  I have links here, here and here.  Despite their risks, power morcellators continue to be used by surgeons for minimally invasive gynecological surgery.  In … Read More

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Secret Conflicts of Interest

By now I am sure it is common knowledge that doctors are often paid by drug companies and by the manufacturers of medical devices.  There is a strong correlation between the amount of a company’s drugs a doctor prescribes and … Read More

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Good News for Type 1 Diabetics!

Last week I wrote about one of the problems facing Type 1 diabetics: the ever increasing cost of the insulin they need to stay alive.  Today, I am writing about some good news that may reduce the need for insulin.  … Read More

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Medical Research – Funding and Fraud

Medical literature is frequently the gold standard when it comes to addressing issues in medical malpractice cases.  Studies published in most respected journals involve research that is rigorous and well-controlled for multiple factors and biases.  The scientific community and the legal community … Read More

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Beware Lasik!

If you have been following our blog for any period of time, you know that one of the things we often discuss is the fact that medicine is a business and the patients are its customers.  Like almost all other … Read More

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What is Holding Up Virtual Medicine?

Last month I wrote about what many health care professionals believe to be the biggest problem in medicine: lack of patient compliance.  This has been offered as the reason the many new technical advances in medicine are failing to produce … Read More

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Surgeons Continue to Perform Unnecessary Surgeries.

As I have observed on many occasions, medicine is a business and we patients are its customers.  It is as true in Phoenix, Arizona as it is in New York or California.  Under the fee for service model of payment, … Read More

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Telemedicine Is Coming to You.

Some days it seems the world just keeps turning faster and faster.  The ways in which we have done things all our lives are changing.  No area is spared from change and that is particularly true of medicine.  We used … Read More

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Medicine Is A Business, And Don’t Ever Forget It.

There have been a couple of recent news stories which serve to remind us that medicine is a business and that the business aspects of medicine can affect our health.  The first story had to do with a vaccine for Type 1 … Read More

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