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Physician Conflicts of Interest

Physicians occupy a special place in our society.  They are respected and honored.  They are often well-compensated for their efforts.  We trust our doctors.  Very few patients ever think that the doctor who is recommending surgery or a particular treatment … Read More

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Physician Conflicts of Interest

One of the very first of the ethical rules promulgated by the American Medical Association requires doctors to place the welfare of the patient ahead of the doctor’s own self-interest or obligations to others.  As life grows ever more complicated, … Read More

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Surgeons Continue to Perform Unnecessary Surgeries.

As I have observed on many occasions, medicine is a business and we patients are its customers.  It is as true in Phoenix, Arizona as it is in New York or California.  Under the fee for service model of payment, … Read More

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The Fee for Service Compensation Method: Bad for Doctors, Bad for Patients

The prevailing method for compensating health care providers in this country is the “Fee for Service” model.  A doctor doesn’t get paid unless he or she does something to or for you.  Keeping you well does not count.  As a … Read More

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Big Pharma May Be Paying Your Doctor

It turns out that a lot of doctors in Arizona and elsewhere in the country are receiving very substantial amounts of money from pharmaceutical companies and medical device makers. For the longest time, this information was a closely kept secret. Now … Read More

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It’s Not The Lawyers Who Are Greedy

It seems like every day I read about a doctor or a medical group blaming the high cost of medical care or the high cost of health insurance on greedy malpractice lawyers.  To hear them tell it, there is no such … Read More

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Buyer Beware, Patient Beware

From time to time we forget that medicine is a business and we patients are its customers.  I can assure you that doctors and hospitals are clear on this concept.  I don’t mean to suggest that all doctors see you … Read More

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