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The You Tube Trained Surgeon

You Tube and social media are recognized disrupters of almost everything.  Now you can add surgery to the list. Hernia is the general name given to the protrusion of something through a retaining structure into an area where it does … Read More

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What Is The Most Common Form of Malpractice?

I am often asked what is the most common form of medical malpractice.  Well, now we don’t need to rely on my opinion.  We have an answer based on over 20 years of malpractice suits and payments. In 1986, Congress … Read More

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More on the Power Morcellator Story

I wrote recently about power morcellators and the risk that they spread previously undetected uterine cancer when used in laparoscopic procedures to remove uterine fibroids.  As I wrote then, the power morcellator is a tool which is inserted into the … Read More

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Robotic Surgery – The Jury Is Still Out but Likely Not for Long

It’s hard to fathom the technological advances made just in past few decades, much less the last 100 years.  They almost pale in comparison to the predictions of Forbidden Planet’s Robbie the Robot and Star Trek’s replicator.  (Okay, maybe we haven’t quite caught up to … Read More

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