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Medication Errors Are A Persistent Problem.

Medication errors can and do kill and injure patients in hospitals, outpatient clinics and as a result of doctor ordered prescriptions.  There are literally thousands of medications, which can be prescribed for patient use.  Many have confusing names.  Many have … Read More

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Why More Pharmacy Malpractice?

Last week I blogged about how to protect yourself from pharmacy malpractice and remarked that instances of pharmacy malpractice were increasing.  The current situation was discussed at length in a New York Times investigation. The days of the corner Mom … Read More

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Malpractice at the Pharmacy

We don’t normally think of danger or risk when we go to have a prescription filled at our local pharmacy.  Maybe that should change.  For a number of reasons, the risk of a misfilled prescription is increasing. There are lots … Read More

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Protecting Yourself From Hospital Malpractice.

If you spend more than a few days in the hospital, you are likely to become the victim of hospital malpractice.  Modern hospital medicine is so incredibly complicated, it is news if there is no mistake made in your care.  … Read More

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The Fee For Service Model Needs To Go.

The primary method of doctor and hospital compensation in the United States is “fee for service.”  Under this model, doctors and hospitals get paid on an individual basis for each act of service they provide to a patient.  The model … Read More

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Another Misbehaving Doctor

As I have observed on prior occasions, the medical profession keeps insisting that medical malpractice claims are one of the big drivers of health care costs in America.  Any reasonable person looking at the statistics will see that this is … Read More

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Not Just Compounding Pharmacy Malpractice

The recent meningitis outbreak linked to a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts has been cause for a great deal of concern among patients nationwide.  Compounding pharmacies generally service unique clients who have special medication needs which can’t be filled by an … Read More

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