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$13M Medical Malpractice Verdict in New York.

There is a lesson to be learned from every medical malpractice verdict.  A recent verdict in New York City is no exception. A 43 year old wife and mother of three underwent what should have been a minor procedure to … Read More

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Sepsis: The Waiting Killer

From time to time people ask me what is the most common form of medical malpractice I see.  I usually answer that there is no most common form and that there are many ways in which mistakes can be made.  … Read More

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As If You Didn’t Have Enough To Worry About.

Hospitals can be scary places.  We are usually there because we are sick or because we are visiting someone who is sick.  The notable exceptions are the labor and delivery area and the newborn nursery.  Visits there have the greatest … Read More

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Dirty Scopes, Deadly Bacteria, Deadly Secrets

The story of the endoscopes that sickened and killed patients just keeps getting worse and worse.  When I first wrote about it, I focused on the actions of the Seattle hospital that discovered it was transmitting deadly infections to patients … Read More

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Good Medical Care – It Depends on a Lot

I read this brief on-line article today. The title suggested it would be about the ineffective treatment of bloodstream born infections by hospitals.  Bloodstream born infections can cause serious medical complications and death.  They require early recognition and treatment. … Read More

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Sepsis – Some Sobering New Statistics

Sepsis and septicemia are nearly identical terms which have often been used interchangeably to describe life-threatening infections which have spread throughout the body.  They arise from various infections, including those of the skin, lungs, abdomen, and urinary tract.  Despite high … Read More

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