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“Get That Money.”

That was the message to employees of a dermatology practice in the Midwest that had been purchased by a hedge fund.  The bosses at the hedge fund were encouraging the employees of the dermatology practice to get more patients scheduled … Read More

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Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Melanoma

A diagnosis of melanoma was often a death sentence.  It was and remains today one of the most dangerous of the skin cancers.  However, as science has marched on, there have been a number of developments in prevention, diagnosis and … Read More

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Melanoma Misdiagnosis.

If you, like me, live in Arizona, you are exposed to intense solar radiation nearly all year, but especially in the summer.  Exposure to solar radiation is one of the major risk factors for melanoma. Melanoma is a cancer, which … Read More

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Cancer and Medical Malpractice

I see lots of potential clients with cancer diagnoses who wonder if they have a malpractice case or not.  These are among the most difficult cases to win so the answer is not usually what the prospective client wants to … Read More

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Pathology Errors.

A pathology report is a routine and important part of almost every surgery in which some tissue is removed from the body.  The tissue removed is sent to the pathology department of the hospital or to an independent pathology group, … Read More

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Don’t Put Away Your Sunscreen Yet – But . . .

Melanoma is a killer and is common here in Arizona where we get so many days of intense sunlight.  By now everyone should know the drill:  Keep out of the midday sun whenever possible; Use sunscreen; Watch for changes in … Read More

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Skin Cancer – No Medical Malpractice Necessary

Over the years, we have litigated our share of medical malpractice cases involving the failure to diagnose and treat skin cancer, usually resulting in death or a greatly reduced life expectancy.  Skin cancer is one of the the most common forms of … Read More

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Melanoma Update

Dr. Robert Stern of the Harvard Medical School is one of the leading experts in the country on the subject of melanoma.  Along with colleagues, he has studied and written extensively about melanoma, its causes and treatment.  In what I think … Read More

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