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“Blame The Patient”

“Blame the patient” is Play #2 in the medical malpractice defense lawyer’s playbook.  Play #1, of course, is “Deny, deny, deny.”  “Blame the patient” is #2 because it is so effective.  It plays into the human nature of the members … Read More

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The Electronic Medical Record.

One of the requirements of federal law is that hospital records be recorded electronically.  The requirement for electronic medical records (“EMR”) has a number of justifications, including portability.  Patients are entitled to have a copy of their medical records.  When … Read More

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Never Events Just Keep On Happening.

The term “Never Event” was created in the early 2000’s to denote an event that should never occur in the presence of good medical care.  It is now used to describe events which are clear, which cause serious injury or … Read More

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Once Again The Curtain of Medical Secrecy Parts, If Only Briefly

I have remarked from time to time about the curtain of secrecy the medical profession has erected to hide from patients and the public their medical errors.  Whether it is improperly sterilized endoscopes, settlements with injured patients, hospital investigations into … Read More

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Check Your Medical Records to Prevent Dangerous Mistakes

I wrote about this topic for the In The News section of our web site but it deserves repeating here.  The Wall Street Journal has some good advice for all of us:  Check your medical records.  The chances are you will … Read More

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Not Just Compounding Pharmacy Malpractice

The recent meningitis outbreak linked to a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts has been cause for a great deal of concern among patients nationwide.  Compounding pharmacies generally service unique clients who have special medication needs which can’t be filled by an … Read More

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