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When Good Medical Instruments Go Bad

Recently I commented upon a story about a Seattle area hospital which knew it was infecting patients with endoscopes due to inadequate sterilization techniques but was keeping this critical information from its patients.  To make matters worse, the infections involved antibiotic-resistant bacteria … Read More

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Hospitals Continue to Harm Patients and to Hide Critical Information

A story just appeared in the Seattle Times which touches upon a number of issues we have discussed in this blog.  It addressed an outbreak of antibiotic resistant bacteria at a medical center in Seattle between 2012 and 2014.  Two … Read More

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Good Medical Care – It Depends on a Lot

I read this brief on-line article today. The title suggested it would be about the ineffective treatment of bloodstream born infections by hospitals.  Bloodstream born infections can cause serious medical complications and death.  They require early recognition and treatment. … Read More

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