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Health Care Providers Are Often Victims Too.

In this blog, I often write about patients who have been injured as the result of malpractice at the hands of health care providers.  Increasingly, it is the other way around.  Here is an article from Politico about violence directed against … Read More

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Good News for Type 1 Diabetics!

Last week I wrote about one of the problems facing Type 1 diabetics: the ever increasing cost of the insulin they need to stay alive.  Today, I am writing about some good news that may reduce the need for insulin.  … Read More

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Beware Lasik!

If you have been following our blog for any period of time, you know that one of the things we often discuss is the fact that medicine is a business and the patients are its customers.  Like almost all other … Read More

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Pay More, Get Less

The United States spends more per person on health care than any other developed country.  At the same time, our life expectancy is less than that in other developed countries.  What is going on? Let’s start with the cost of … Read More

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Health and Wealth Go Hand in Glove

Numerous medical studies link all sorts of things to good health.  Lots of exercise.  Fresh air.  Health insurance and access to health care.  A good diet.  Ample rest.  Low stress.  Happiness.  Family support.  The list goes on and on and … Read More

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Genomic Testing in Prostate Cancer

There were approximately 165,000 new prostate cancers diagnosed last year in the United States.  During the same time period, there were 29,000 deaths from prostate cancer.  The deaths were almost entirely due to highly aggressive forms of the disease.  Most … Read More

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Medical Devices Continue To Harm Patients

Medical devices cause a lot of harm to patients.  I have written about the problems with power morcellators that spread cancer and with endoscopes, which were designed in such a way that they could not be properly cleaned and as a result … Read More

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What is Holding Up Virtual Medicine?

Last month I wrote about what many health care professionals believe to be the biggest problem in medicine: lack of patient compliance.  This has been offered as the reason the many new technical advances in medicine are failing to produce … Read More

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The Fee For Service Model Needs To Go.

The primary method of doctor and hospital compensation in the United States is “fee for service.”  Under this model, doctors and hospitals get paid on an individual basis for each act of service they provide to a patient.  The model … Read More

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A Second Opinion Is Smart.

A second opinion can save your life and these days there is very little excuse not to get one no matter where you live.  I have written about the importance of second opinions from time to time in the past.  … Read More

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